The Standard for Correct Name Pronunciations

Testimonials on the Ear It application.

"The Ear It application has been a wonderful addition to our website rosters. With the Big Ten Network doing so many games in all sports, having rosters with pronunciations is critical. One of the broadcast assistants at ESPN mentioned during football how other pronunciation guides vary so much from SID to SID and school to school. He called the tool we have the best he’s seen in his 25+ years in the business."

"I highly recommend adding the Ear It application from The Name Engine to your website rosters."

Tamara J. Flarup, Director
Website Services
University of Wisconsin

"No matter how good a written phonetic spelling or pronunciation guide is, nothing beats actually hearing it. Many broadcasters we encountered throughout the season were thrilled with the 'Ear It' links on our web site."

Kenny Klein
Sr. Assoc. AD for Media Relations/SID
University of Louisville

"Ear It is great. On busy game days there is a lot going on, and the opposing team radio personnel may not get the chance to go over team pronunciations. Now with Ear It, a step is saved and anyone can access that information right online on the team roster."

Megan Thompson
Strategic Communications Director
Athletic Communications
Illinois State University

Louisville baseball roster has ear icons next to names – click and hear correct pronunciation. Great job @thenameengine

Greg Auman, Writer
Tampa Bay Times
(via Twitter)